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DuelFuel provides a realistic approach to fitness, making sure it can be maintained & sustained for the longevity of people's lives.


Cathy K.

I have worked with Christy for more than four years.  She is always professional, skilled and fun.  I began seeing her because I had lower back pain that was significantly impacting my daily life.  She shared with me exercises I need to do on a regular basis to keep my back strong and I can say very quickly my back pain went away.  I appreciate that every exercise I do with Christy mirrors actual activities I do in my daily life.  My goals today as a 56 year old are very different than they were 10 years ago and Christy eagerly modifies things to fit my needs.  

I love, love, love my time with Christy!


Christy has been my personal trainer now for the last two years, and prior to that was a primary fitness instructor of mine for regular boot camp and weight training classes.  Prior to working with her, my biggest weaknesses were allowing my body to fall into a comfort zone with regards to the level of my workouts, failing to incorporate constant variety, and a lack of self-confidence in pursuing advanced levels of exercises. 


That was then.  Today, my focus centers on “How can I challenge myself to make each workout more difficult than just doing what I know I can do?”, and “What can I do different this time on a certain exercise that I may have done previously”?  This keeps me as far away as possible from falling into a comfort zone.  Christy reinforces constant challenge and variety in every workout I do with her, and is what I absolutely love about my training sessions, on top of knowing that I have her full dedication and support in continuing to make myself stronger.  Furthermore, I now find myself incorporating that same level of encouragement and desire to challenge other peers that I consistently work out with.  My wife has also been regularly training with Christy as well over the last two years, and I could not be more proud of her in what she has accomplished.  It has been a joy to see how strong she has become, and how happy she is with her results.


Finally, I can honestly say that my training with Christy has been a catalyst to me now living a fit and disciplined lifestyle.  My food choices and daily habits have drastically changed, and I could not be happier with the physical shape I am in.  I have a greater supply of energy throughout my day at the age of 36, than I did ten years ago.  But what I love and value the most is that when my son wants to run around in the backyard, play sports, wrestle and roughhouse, or go on a walk to climb on the playground in the evening, I have the energy and ability to keep up with him.  I am proud to be a healthy, fit, and active daddy, who will never be too tired to play with his son.


About two years ago, when I started training with Christy, we talked about what I was looking to get out of my work outs. I was looking to improve my upper body strength specifically being able to do pushups. Christy specifically tailored my work outs to achieve those goals and I can honestly say I am the strongest I have ever been. I not only feel stronger but have more energy throughout the day. I am now 6 months pregnant and Christy has adjusted my work outs to accommodate the pregnancy. I know that with her motivation and help in continuing to train me throughout my pregnancy, I will be able to get back into shape post baby with her help.

Traci C.

Christy is extremely motivating and inspires you to want to do your best. She truly cares and helps you not only achieve but exceed your goals. Christy's training never gets stale as she always comes up with new ways to challenge you making you want to come back for more! I highly recommend Christy!


I was truly amazed at how Christy asked about my individual fitness needs. I loved the one on one attention. If you want to make a healthy life change give her a call you will not be sorry, u sincerely would recommend her as a personal trainer who really cares.


Christy is excellent at keeping you motivated. She knows how push you even when you think you have nothing left.

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